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Trump’s Tariff Would Have Limited Impact on LED Companies in China and Taiwan

Trump’s Tariff Would Have Limited Impact on LED Companies in China and Taiwan The Trump administration on April 4, 2018 published a list of 1300 Chinese exports and proposed to apply a 25% tariff on these products. However, the proposal would have limited impact on LED companies in China and Taiwan, according to MINSENS, a division of TrendForce. This is because the LED products included in the list are mainly intermediate goods, including wafers and backlight products. These products account [...]

LED Lighting Could Save Developing Countries $40 Billion/yr.

Developing and emerging economies could save $40 billion worth of electricity and prevent 320 million metric tonnes of carbon pollution annually simply by transitioning to LED lighting, according to estimates from United Nation’s Environment. Today speakers at a side event to the big international climate change conference (COP 23) occurring in Bonn, Germany, announced new model regulations that are designed to phase out inefficient incandescent light bulbs and establish minimum performance requirements for the LED bulbs to replace them [...]

Global ASPs of LED Light Bulbs Were on a Slow Decline in May as Sales of LED Filament Bulbs Remained Hot in Europe and the U.S.

Prices of LED replacement light bulbs dipped slightly but on the whole remained steady in May, Compared with April, the global ASP of 40-watt equivalent LED light bulbs fell by 1.9% in May to US$6.5. The global ASP of 60-watt equivalent LED light bulbs also dropped by 0.6% in May to US$8.1 versus April. “The current market trend shows strong sales of LED filament light bulbs in Europe and the U.S.,” said LEDinside analyst Allen Yu. “Philips for instance released four [...]

LIGHTFAIR International 2017 Celebrates All That’s New and Next in Lighting, Design and Technology

LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) opened at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia May 7 with the 28th edition of the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.  Thousands of attendees from around the world streamed into the LFI exhibit halls to experience the products and knowledge transforming the future of light and technology. Preceding and setting the stage for the trade show opening, the prestigious LFI Innovation Awards highlighted the industry’s most innovative products and designs introduced during the [...]

The most fatal shortcomings of LED lamps: LED lumen attenuation

The most fatal shortcomings of LED lamps: LED lumen attenuation   LED lights has now become the mainstream lighting equipment, but LED lights have a problem, you will find your LED lamps will be dark with the use of time, may be the second year only 90% of the beginning, the third year Only 80%, and the fourth year…… LED has a lot of incomparable advantages: energy saving, environmental friendly, long service life, etc.. LED-related lighting fixtures received more and more [...]

Japan’s ASP Topped LED Light Bulb Street Prices in Jan. 2017

Starting from 2012, LEDinside, a division of TrendForce began to track global LED light bulb retail average selling prices (ASP). According to historical data, LED light bulb price dropped steadily year by year. The ASP’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40W-equivalent (equiv.) LED light bulbs fell by 18% from 2012 to 2016. During the same time period, the global average price of 60W-equiv. LED light bulbs decreased by a CAGR of 24%.   Starting from 2017, in order to more [...]

MS Smart All-In-One LED Solar Street Lights Illuminate Tawi-Tawi Island

Chinese LED lighting company MINSENS is determined to contribute to environment preservation by convincing businesses to switch and use solar & LED lighting technology, informing them on cost savings that best serve their return of investment; and has the smallest impact on the environment. Tawi-tawi consists of 307 islands in the southwestern part of the Philippines. A charming and majestic chain of islands straddling peacefully between Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea in the southwestern Philippines is the exotic Tawi-Tawi province. There are [...]

LED Lighting market to Worth USD 33.1B as Market Penetration Rate Hit 52% by 2017

The latest analysis “2017 Global Lighting Market Outlook” by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, finds that LED lighting market to worth US $29.6 billion in 2016 and is to rise to US $ 33.1 billion as of 2017. Meanwhile, the penetration rate of LED lighting is to reach 52%. Thanks to regional lighting development, LED lighting is to account for 23% of total lightings in Europe by 2016, which is the highest across the world. The second and third [...]

Prices of LED Bulbs Fell in February as a Wave of Economically Priced LED Filament Bulbs Arrived in Europe and the U.S.

The global average sales price (ASP) of 40-watt equivalent LED replacement light bulbs came to US$6.8 this February, down 0.6% from the prior month. As for 60-watt equivalent counterparts, their global ASP in the same month stood at US$8.2, dropping 2.1% from January. “The releases and promotions of new LED filament light bulbs caused prices to drop noticeably in Europe and the U.S. this February,” said LEDinside analyst Allen Yu. “LED filament light bulbs have the advantage of using less power [...]

Hong Kong Students Develop World’s Most Energy-Efficient LED Filament Bulb

A research team at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) claims it has successfully developed the most energy-efficient LED filament technology with a luminous efficacy of 129lm/W, which represents 1.5 times the efficacy of traditional LED lamps, surpassing all other general lighting tools available in the market. A patent is now pending and the prototype design is completed. The team plans to conduct various tests and obtain certifications for market launch in 2017. PolyU research team. In the middle: inventor Ricky Chiu [...]