Quality control

MINSENS have established a rigid Quality Control &l Management System.


During production, every semi-finished parts to be individually testing again before passing to next step of the production system; end of every assembly line all LED lamps goes through computerized switching, temperature variation, aging, universal bump tests for few hours. Starting from individual components test to final packing procedures each MINSENS products are inspected, tested and quality controlled in multiple levels.

our factory quality control
our factory quality control


MINSENS be sure to guarantee the product quality from raw material sourcing to production and after-sale service.

Quality Control Process under the following steps extremely strict;
1. IQC (raw material quality control)
2. IPQC (on production quality control)
3. FQC (finished product quality control)
4. OQC (delivery product quality control)
5. CQE (customer quality engineer)


Procedures/testing Details
A. Inspection to raw materials
B. Inspection in the process of production
C. Inspection to finished products
D. Aging test
E. Inspection before packing


Testing Details: QC manual, Aging, Internal Auditing Management Procedure, Ineligible Management Procedure, Recording Management Procedure, Rectification Measures Management Procedure, Prevention Measure Management Procedure, Customer Complaint Processing Procedure.

Equipment: LED light intensity distribution analyzer, YF1000 light-color-electricity synthetic analysis system, PMS-80 UV-visible-near infrared light spectroscopic analysis system, oscillograph, and digital/mechanical multimeter, salt spray tester, luminometer, and luminosity integrating sphere.

quality control
quality control


Pass the Quality Management System Certification
Based on “product quality is enterprise’s life” concept, MINSENS actively adopts the quality management system certification: in the year of 2010, we passed ISO quality management system certification-ISO9001:2008, our company has been improving and maintaining quality management system continued to operate effectively.


1. QC/Technical Support
We have more than 10 staff for in-house QC. There are integrated Training Programs for all the QC staff.
We strictly follow ISO 9001:2000 standards in the QC system.
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2. Number of QC Staff:
30 QC engineers