Led corn bulb 80w 3000K replace CFL HID HPS Lamps in existing Fixtures

Led corn bulb 80w
3000K – 7500K CCT
replace CFL HID HPS Lamps in existing Fixtures
AC85-305V input voltage


Led corn bulb 80w 3000K replace CFL HID HPS Lamps in existing Fixtures

MINSENS LED Corn lamp, is an excellent energy-efficient replacement to retrofit a wide variety of traditional light fixtures. With an efficacy of 110-130lM/w, the LED corn light can replace standard Incandescent, HPS, MH, MV and CFL bulbs in both new and retrofit fixtures for significant energy savings. It’s easy to bypass the ballast, screw in the new LED lamp. Available from 30watts to 150 watts. MINSENS LED Lighting,80w led corn bulb,3000K color,over 10000Lm output Mogul base


1. Instant Start & Restart : No warm up time required even in Extreme Cold.
2. Instant On and Flicker-Free: No restrike time or waiting for 10-20
minutes for the lights to turn back on like HID’s.
3. Enhances Vision: Zero Dark Spots for greater Visibility & SafetyNo Noise or RF Interference .
4. No UV Emissions: Does Not attract Insects.
5. Radiation/Emissions-Free: No Harmful IR, No RFI/EMI/HD Fully Encapsulated with Heat and Impact Resistant, UV Protected, Non-yellowing, Optical grade PC Lens.
5. Wide Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +140°F [-30°C to +60°C] Patented Technology Delivers
6. Maximum, Lifetime Energy Savings Ideal for use with Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind Power Eliminates the hassle of repeated relamping Shortest Payback Period and High ROI Longer Life = Increased Sustainability + Dependability.
7. Warranty: 3-5-Years Warranty.



The Specification of led corn light
Item No. MS-CNL-30W MS-CNL-40W MS-CNL-60W MS-CNL-80W MS-CNL-100W MS-CNL-120W MS-CNL-150W
Power Consumption 30W 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W
Replace HID Lamp 150-200W 200-300W 300-450W 400-600W 600-1000W 800-1000W 1000-1500W
Dimension/Heat sink 93*195MM 93*195MM 93*205MM 93*229MM 93*241MM 93*265MM 93*338MM
Weight 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.55kg 0.55kg 0.7KG 0.74KG 0.76KG
Lumens 3000-3200LM 3500-4400lm 6000-6600LM 8000-8800LM 10000-11000LM 12500-13200LM 15700-16000LM
Base e40 e27 e39 e26 or hook
Lumous flux 80~100lm/W
Power Factor ≥0.95
LED Power Supply Mean Well driver or High quality driver
AC Input AC85 – 305V (AC 277V or 375V available on request)
DC Input DC80~400V (DC12V, DC24V and other input available on request)
LED Light Source Macro / Bridgelux / Epistar 5730 SMD
Color Temperature 2700~6500K
Beam Angle 360°
Color Rendering Index ≥80
Working Life ≥50000Hrs
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Housing Copper Free Aluminum
Warranty 3 Years
Brand of Products MS& Customized
Certificate CE, ROHS
OEM accept


1.Residential Buildings, Home
2.Office, Meeting Room
3.School, Library
4.Factory, Warehouse
5.Hotel, Casino
6.Parking Garage
8.Commercial Center
9.Supermarket, Shopping mall,anywhere you want

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