Energy star UL DLC SAA CE PSE 5 year warranty samsung chip 120Lm/W led tube light 4 feet

led tube light 4 feet
Energy star UL DLC SAA CE PSE approved
samsung chip
5 year warranty


Energy star UL DLC SAA CE PSE 5 year warranty samsung chip 120Lm/W led tube light 4 feet


1.Energy star UL DLC SAA CE PSE approved
2.Ecological and recyclable materials. Saving energy consumption 40%~60%.Minor emissions 65% less CO2.
3.Green environment, without any harmful materials listed in RoHS
4.Adopt super high bright LED light source, stably quality
5.Produce little heat. Minimum maintenance costs
6.Heat elimination, insulated, low working temperature, lifespan is more than 30000hours
7.No radiation, no UV, no environment pollution, no noise, no glimmer
8.Adopt the superb Frosted or high-transparency+Aluminum alloy material, so that the illuminate is be stronger
9.Easy mounting, can be mounted directly
10.Low power consumption, high intensity



t8 led tube light(1)

Product 3 Types PC Cover
1. Transparent cover: Can acheive the most effective lighting.
2. Frosted cover: Can acheive soft light, no harm to your eyes.
3. Striped cover: Individuation, better light than frosted cover.

Please choose the cover according to your application.


Technical Details

Model Length LED type LED Quantity Voltage Watts Lumens CRI THD PF
MS-T8-600 600mm SMD2835 60 AC100-277V AC277-347V 9W 1080lm >80 <20% >0.95
MS-T8-900 900mm SMD2835 96 AC100-277V AC277-347V 14W 1680lm >80 <20% >0.95
MS-T8-1200 1200mm SMD2835 120 AC100-277V AC277-347V 15W 1800lm >80 <20% >0.95
18W 2160lm 2640lm
MS-T8-1500 1500mm SMD2835 144 AC100-277V AC277-347V 22W 2640lm >80 <20% >0.95
MS-T8-1800 1800mm SMD2835 192 AC100-277V AC277-347V 26W 3120lm >80 <20% >0.95
MS-T8-2400 2400mm SMD2835 240 AC100-277V AC277-347V 36W 4320lm >80 <20% >0.95


1.Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom;
2.School, university, hospital, hotel;
3.Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase;
4.Commercial complexes;
5.Factory, plant, warehouse, office;
6.Supermarket, department store;

led tube light applications(1)


Installation of LED Tube Light

The same size tube can be installed on to the corresponding lamp holder directly before taking down fluorescent lamp starter.
1. LED tube can be directly installed into T8 or T10 bracket(take down fluorescent lamp starter);
2. LED tube light apply to inductive light holder. Electronic ballast fluorescent tube can’t be replaced directly. Should take down electronic ballast.

Installation of LED Tube Light


Packaging & Shipping

Standard export packing, color box or neutral white box

led tube light package