Solar Led Flood Light Outdoor Project With Digital Display Remote Control Light Sensor

Solar Led Flood Light Outdoor Project With Digital Display Remote Control Light Sensor

Solar Led Flood Light With Digital Display
Outdoor use
With Remote Control
Light Sensor Automatic control

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1 This solar flood light doesn’t need wiring, can be installed easily;
2 Not consume electricity, more energy saving, more environment-friendly;
3 Digital display, visible charging progress & residual electricity;
4 Multi-function remote controller, intelligent infrared remote control, control on/off, light mode, and light
working hours;
5 Aluminum bracket arm for solar panel & lamp, support 180° adjustable;
6 Built-in light sensor, the LED flood light will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically, you can also turn
on/off the light at anytime anywhere when you press the button of ON/OF or choose the 3/5/8H time switch to
set the lighting time with wireless remote control.
7 Hight quality LiFePO4 rechargeable batter y provides the solar light continuously lighting over 10 hours, all the
energy from solar panel make use of solar powered.
8 Aluminum alloy body and toughened glass panel integrated seamless assembly, IP67 waterproof prevent bank
in rain suitable for outdoor in any extreme weather conditions all year round.
9 120°beaming angle of lighting and ≥500 Lumens brightness, Illuminate area up to 50 square meters, you can
install the light on the wall as a security light or landscape Light for your garage, backyard, walkway.



Model No MS-SFL-C025 MS-SFL-C035 MS-SFL-C055 MS-SFL-C075 MS-SFL-C12
Power 25W 35W 55W 75W 120W
LED Type   SMD 5730 SMD 5730    SMD 5730  SMD 5730 SMD 5730
Solar Panel          6V/8W 6V/15W 6V/18W 12V/22W 12V/40W
Battery 3.2V/6Ah 3.2V/10Ah 3.2V/13.2Ah 6.4V/22Ah 6.4V/40Ah
Efficiency 90-130lm/w 90-130 lm/w 90-130 lm/w 90-130 lm/w 90-130 lm/w
Charge Time 5Hrs (Optional) 5Hrs (Optional) 5Hrs (Optional) 5Hrs (Optional) 5Hrs (Optional)
Dis-charge Time 15Hrs (Optional) 15Hrs (Optional) 15Hrs (Optional) 15Hrs (Optional) 15Hrs (Optional)
Rainy Day Time 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days
C.R.I >80Ra >80Ra >80Ra >80Ra >80Ra
Light Angle 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°
Power Factor ≥0.9 ≥0.9 ≥0.9 ≥0.9 ≥0.9
IP Rating IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Color Temp 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K
Working Temp -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃
Storage Temp -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃ -30℃ – 60℃
Mounting Height 3 – 5m 3 – 5m 3 – 5m 3 – 5m 3 – 5m
Lifespan >50000 hrs >50000 hrs >50000 hrs >50000 hrs >50000 hrs
Color Black Black Black Black Black
G.W/CTN 12kg 13kg 13kg 13kg 13.8kg
Panel Size 340*160*17mm 340*210*17mm 350*350*17mm 460*340*17mm 580*360*17mm
Lamp Size 175*155*55mm 210*170*65mm 260*200*70mm 285*235*80mm 335*280*95mm
Packing Size 36.5*30.5*37cm 49*38*43.5cm 53*38.5*43cm 47*40.5*50cm 60*30*38cm
Warranty 2-5years 2-5years 2-5years 2-5years 2-5years



Mode power indicator lamp



Roads, Highways, Rural areas, Parks,
Billboard, Courtyard etc.


Packaging & Shipping

In exporting white box with EPE special led flood light proctor coat,carton box can be negotiable according to your requirement.

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