Dust-proof Anti-corrosive Maintenance Free Industrial High Bay Lights For Factory Warehouse

Dust-proof Anti-corrosive
Maintenance Free
Industrial High Bay Lights
60w 80w 100w 150w 200w 250w 300w
For Factory Warehouse


Dust-proof Anti-corrosive Maintenance Free Industrial High Bay Lights For Factory Warehouse


led high bay lighting high power luminaire


1. The lamp is a Dustproof, anti-corrosive factory lighting equipment.

2. The lamp is mainly composed of a relfector, a radiator and a drive power. The main materials are pure aluminum plates, aluminum profiles, aluminum castings and pure copper heat pipes.

3. The radiator of the lamp uses a pure copper heat pipe riveting fin heat dissipation technology to transmit the radiation amount of the light source to the fin with excellent thermal conductivity. The aluminum alloy heat dissipation module forms the fins to penetrate inside and outside, forming an air convection three-dimensional heat dissipation channel, which can satisfy the heat dissipation requirement to the maximum, so as to quickly reduce the junction temperature of the light source and prolong the service life of the light source.

4. Anodized and polished high purity aluminum scale reflectors greatly optimize lighting performance and reduce glare.

5. Built-in independent waterproof drive power, reliable performance.

6. Light weight and easy installation which is suitable for pipe hanging or hook installation.

7. Light source cavity adopts transparent PC transmissive cover, High temperature resistance, good impact resistance, effectively preventing moisture and dust from entering.

8. The external surface of the whole lamp is anodized. It has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

9. The lamp uses LED light source. The light source has the advantages of long service life, energy-saving and high efficiency, and good shock resistance.


Technical parameters

high power led high bay lights

Rated Power: 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W
Luminous Flux: 7000lm 12000lm 14000lm 18000lm 21000lm 28000lm
Size(mm): Φ435*382 Φ435*382 Φ435*414 Φ435*414 Φ435*454 Φ435*489
Input Voltage: AC85V-277V,50-60Hz
LED Type: SMD 3030
Color Temperature: 2700k-7000K,R,G,B
Conversion Efficiency: 92%
Power Factor: >0.90
Beam Angle: 25/60/90/120°
Diffuser: Clear/Frosted
IP grade: IP54
Operate Temperature: -25°~+55°
Storage Temperature: -25°~+55°
Color Rendering Index: >80
Life Span: 50000 hrs
Housing Color: Grey
Luminance decrease: Keep lighting 1000hours decrease 1%
Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle
Material: Aluminum + PC
Application: Airport, Exterior of building light,Bill board,Parking lot Stadium,Amusement park,
Bridge,garden and so on




100 watt led high bay light

Aluminium Alloy riveting technology with copper pipe cooling hole form 3D cooling, The best radiator, send out the temperature efficiently, Ensure LED heat dissipation effect.


Lampshade uses unique small angle refraction design, illumination perfect, elegant appearance, high quality aluminium, supply several Bean angle, high reflection effect, saving energy maximum.


Adopting copper pipe heat conduction inside, contact with heat source directly, spreading the heat produced by light source to modularized cooling group quickly, improving the heat conduction effect, assuring the chips service life.


Sealed lampshade has high light transmittance inflaming retarding, antioxidant is strong, with Silicone ring, preventing dust and mosquito.



high bay led industrial 120w

Wide-range in Application.

Can be installed at Warehouse, Skating rink, Stadiums, Building, Factory and Mall etc.


Packaging & Delivery


1. Neutral packing, 1pcs/carton.
2. Design as discussed with clients for led high bay

Delivery Detail:
5 working days for sample, 7-15 working days for mass production