E12 E14 E26 E27 2w 3w 4w 6w 8w Clear Amber Frosted Vintage Edison Led Filament Bulb

We provide full solution for led filament bulbs.
ST64, ST58, A60/A19, T45, G80, G95, G125, B53, C35, T30, can choose 2w 4w 6w 8w
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1. LED Filament Bulb are wildly use in replacing Incandescent Bulb and Halogen Lamps
2. LED Saves up to 90% energy compare to Incandescent Bulb
3. High quality LC or IC driver with no flickering, could reduce tireless in reading and protect our eyes
4. Driver produce no noise when working




Product Name

Dimmable LED Filament Bulbs


Glass Bulb Shell + Aluminum or Brass Base


2W 4W 5W


110-130V or 220-240V or 100-240V




C35 C35T G45


25000 Hours
Warranty 2 Years


Production Details


Our factory produces full range of LED filament bulbs
We have A series bulbs including A60 | A65
G Series Globe Shaped Bulbs G45 | G80 | G95 | G125
C Series Candle Shaped Bulb C35 | C35T
R Series Reflector Bulb R50 | R63 | R80
ST Series Bulb ST58 | ST64 which are suitable for table lamps and wall fixtures
T Series Tubular Shaped Bulb T30 or different lengths (185 225 300)
Besides from different Bulb Shape, we also have different shell color for different light effect
Clear glass bulb shell is most popular and produce highest lumen
Opal glass bulb shell produce better diffused light which looks softer
Frosted glass of softer but still strong lighting
Amber glass bulb shell produces warmer light which is perfect match for chandeliers
For small bulbs like C35 | G45, we could produce in 2W | 4W | 5W
For medium sized bulb, our standard power rating is 4W | 6W | 8W
If you require higher output and lumen, we also have high power model with wattage as high as 10W | 12W | 15W
We use high quality filament using high efficacy San An Chips
CRI could reach 80 | 90 and we could do optional CCT of 2200K | 2700K | 4000K | 6500K
A standard clear 8W bulb could reach as high as 820 lm
Bulbs could use base of different standard including E12 | E26 for US, E14 | E27 for EU and B15 | B22 for UK



led vintage edison filament light bulb

Great for Home Decoration,Bedroom,Living Room,Bar,Hotel,Night Clubs,Outdoor Gardens,Restaurant,Coffeeshop,Villas,Wedding decorations,Party,Church,Castle and more.Great for Home Decoration,Bedroom,Living Room,Bar,Hotel,Night Clubs,Outdoor Gardens,Restaurant,Coffee shop,Villas,Wedding
decorations,Party,Church,Castle and more.


Packaging & Shipping

About normal packing: 1pc/bubble pack/hard cardboard box; 100pcs/carton
If your quantity large, the package logo/mark accept customize.