CE c35 filament led candle light 2W 4W 6W 8W E12 E14 led Filament bulb

CE c35 filament led candle light 2W 4W 6W 8W E12 E14 led Filament bulb

c35 filament led candle light
led candle light
2W 4W 6W 8W E12 E14
led Filament bulb

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A60, C35, CA35, G45, P45, S45, T45, G80, G95, G125, ST58, ST64 is available


360 degree full light beam angle C35 2W 4W E14 E12 Filament LED candle lights bulbs lamps, high lumens.
Environmental friendly Filament LED candle, no mercury content.
Designed according to traditional halogen lamps.
Instant start Filament LED candle, no delay and flickers.
Ra>80, >110LM/W, energy saving Filament LED candle
IC Driver Filament LED candle, constant current, safety guaranteed.
More than 50,000hrs life time.
Passed CE, RoHS, ERP, SAA,UL certification.

led filament light bulb(3)

c35 filament led candle light(1) c35 filament led candle light(2)



Filament led bulb
Model C35, G45,S14,A60,ST64,G80,G95,G125,T30,G45
Wattage 2W,4W,6W,8W
Voltage AC85-265V
Luminous efficiency 90-120lm/W
PF 0.9
Ra >80
Socket E14/E27/B22
Size C35, G45,S14,A60,ST64,G80,G95,G125,T30,G45
Replace the incandescent lamp 2W replace 20w
4W replace 40w
6W replace 60w
8W replace 80w
Dimmable Can choose
Drive power supply Wide voltage constant current
Filament material Ceramic substrate
Color Temperature(CCT) 2200K
Lifetime >50000hrs
Certifications CE RHOS


LED Filament bulb is ideal for general, decorative, vintage or antique lighting in the hospitality industry, as well as home environments, restaurants, living rooms,dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and recreation rooms etc.It is great suit for chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lighting or home, christmas,holiday decorations,especially used on led string lights.


led filament light bulb applications (2)

Various Installation Method

led filament Installation



Packaging & Shipping

1. 1pcs bulbs in a blister  inner box;
2. 100pcs in a shipping carton;
3. Color box is availble, need MOQ>3000pcs;

led filament light bulb package

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