rechargeable led flood light 10w portable emergency rechargeable LED flood Light

rechargeable led flood light 10w portable emergency rechargeable LED flood Light

rechargeable led flood light 10w
emergency rechargeable LED flood Light

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5w 10w 20w 30w 40w 50w ia available


1. Ultra-thin, more beautiful, easy to carry.
2. Two modes adjustable lighting/red blue light flash.
3. The lamp body thickness of 5.7 cm.
4. Ip65 protection grade,,Applicable to a variety of complex environment.
5. Die-casting aluminum +toughend glass+Genesis’s LED Chip.

led rechargeable flood light(5) led rechargeable flood light(2)

led rechargeable flood light(7)



The specification of rechargeable led flood light
Power 10W 20W 30W 50W
Charger AC input:90V-265V  DC8.4V/1000mA AC input:90V-265V  DC12.6V/1500mA AC input:90V-265V  DC12.6V/1500mA AC input:90V-265V  DC36V/1500mA
Li-ion Battery 18650 8.4V/4400mAH 18650   8.4V/4400mAH 18650   16.8V/6600mAH 18650   8.4V/4400mAH
Luminous Efficacy ≥70Lm/W
CCT 2700-7500K
CRI Ra>70
Beam Angle 120°
Ambient Temprature -20℃  –  40℃
Protection  Constant Currency,
Over-Charging Protection
Working time 3-4 hours
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Index Lamp Charging, working index
IP Rate IP65
Material Alluminum-Alloy(ADC12)
Warranty 3 years


Rechargeable led flood light is suitable for:
Traverl – Camping – Field – Night Work.
Fishing – Warehouse – Work Shop.
Parking lots – Project use.


Packaging & Shipping

In exporting white box with EPE special led flood light proctor coat,carton box can be negotiable according to your requirement

rechargeable flood package


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