CE RHOS remote control ip67 underground green led light

CE RHOS remote control ip67 underground green led light , White, red, yellow, green, blue,RGB

1.Aluminum&stainless steel
4.Energy saving and environmental

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1.The description standard is 5w LED Underground light
2.LED Underground light Support of non-standard products 3D design and production
3.LED Underground light Support OEM,please contact customer service
4.LED Underground light Support Engineering Lighting Visualiser Design
High power waterproof IP67 LED Underground light parameter specification

led underground light1



Model External Diameter Inner Diameter Height Chip Brand
1w 48mm 20mm 70mm Epistar/Bridgelux
1-3w 90mm 52mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
1-3w 100mm 60mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
3-5w 120mm 78mm 100mm Epistar/Bridgelux
3-6w 130mm 82mm 95mm Epistar/Bridgelux
3-7w 140mm 89mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
3-7w 150mm 98mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
6-9w 160mm 98mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
9-12w 180mm 112mm 65mm Epistar/Bridgelux
9-12w 200mm 112mm 65mm Epistar/Bridgelux
9-15w 180mm 120mm 95mm Epistar/Bridgelux
9-15w 200mm 175mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
9-15w 230mm 160mm 95mm Epistar/Bridgelux
9-15w 220mm 134mm 65mm Epistar/Bridgelux
12-18w 250mm 185mm 95mm Epistar/Bridgelux
12-18w 230mm 160mm 90mm Epistar/Bridgelux
18-24w 250mm 190mm 95mm Epistar/Bridgelux
18-30w 300mm 240mm 80mm Epistar/Bridgelux



It’s applied to lighting decoration, such as square, restaurants, private villas, Garden, conference room, the exhibition hall, residential environment beautification, stage bars, malls, scenic spots, commercial pedestrian street and so on.


Packaging & Shipping

1.standard paper packaging: inner boxes+ourter boxes+pallets;
2.Logo is available if there is a big quantity
3.Shipping mark is based on your request led underground light.

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